Pizza a La Fru

We all love pizza, well most of us. I am not a pizza fan but I do enjoy an occasional slice. However since my family does, it’s nothing to throw together a pizza.  It’s easy as pie, I used to think that it was hard and complex but not so.

I like my food made from scratch, not  premade. However, I do believe that certain things you can  allow premade. (psst… It makes life easier).  I buy pre made pizza dough or crust, and I throw everything  but the kitchen sink on one side for the hubs and chicken and cheese and other side for puss..( that’s my son nickname)

So here’s the recipe

1 large pizza crust. ..
3 slices each green and red bell pepper… Chopped
1/2 Red onion- chopped
2 diced cooked chicken breast
3 slices pineapple diced
Jalapeño peppers diced
Mexican cheese blend grate
4 tbs pizza sauce or pasta sauce
handful of baby tomatoes chopped

Spread sauce on crust to cover
Spread some cheese
layer everything else as you wish. Topped with more cheese

Bake for 12 mins or until crust is golden brown

Cut and enjoy

P.S… Add a bottle of cheap champagne (Andres strawberry champagne)…rent a movie… Viola!!!!  Frugal date night.

Pss.. All my ingredients except for the cheese can be bought at Whole Food.

Please forgive the crappy picture. I don’t own a camera, but I am working on it.

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