New years resolution

Every year we talk about a new years resolution, but how many of us keep up with it.  Maybe it’s losing weight, maybe it’s finding a new job, or how about spending more time with the family.

Reality is that we make plans but life takes over. Who knows what’s around the corner or what’s in store for us. Our lives can take a turn for the worse  at a moments notice or better yet find yourself in a situation where it keeps getting better and better with each passing day.

God has a plan for us all, whether you believe in him or not, life doesn’t just happen. No get rich quick scheme ever works, and he’s not about that.

I don’t make new years resolution but rather go with what the day has to offer.  Enjoy it to the fullest.  However don’t get me wrong, while it’s not a new years resolution, it’s a perspective of how you would like things in your life to change. The word resolute hence resolution has a finality to it and life has a way of making it difficult to be resolute in your plans.

I have adopted the motto ” just do it “albeit within reason( just don’t spend that money on a nice combat boots when you need to buy something for your child. )  Having said that however, there are people who has to live by a hard and fast plan…. then so be it.  Whatever it may be……. good luck!!!!!

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