Hottest Toys for 2010

Are you stuck on deciding what to give the little ones for christmas? Are you trying to figure out what are the hottest toys for 2010? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of all the hottest toys and where to get them?Well, I came upon a very well laid out website that offers a comprehensive list of the hottest toys and also offers one ┬ástop (or one click) shopping. I thought it was cool and little man thought the website was made for him as he “oohed and aahhed” everytime I scroll down. What’s eyecatching about this website is the that it stands out from the rest with its swivelling or turntable like toys (kind of like you are flipping thru a rotary phonelist). The pictures are big and striking and there are many to choose from (weeellll, the hottest ones). If you also clicked on “our store” in the menu area, there are more toys to choose from.

So enough from me…..LOL…What are you waiting for? I am going after my pillow pet (Yes, I am the biggest kid in my house) and the little one wants everything, but can you blame him? ┬áThis website make everything looks sooooooo good. Hmmmm, I wonder what daddy wants???…..LOL, maybe another pillow pet. Anyway off you go and enjoy!!

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