Frugal Christmas

So again it took me months to show my face… But I’m here and hopefully to stay.

Tis the season to be jolly right? Well, not so in many household. This may be a time that might be painful because of past tragedy, fresh pain.. Sick loved ones, lack of money, lost jobs… And the list goes on.

When you have kids, the outcome of the jolliest season of the year look more bleak than ever. You want them to enjoy it but you are not in the spirit, the mood or just plain lack of money.

Here is how to enjoy at least a fabulous and frugal dinner ( non tradional). If you like the trimming and bright lights and gift giving, then I’m sorry this page isn’t for you. This for those of us who enjoy simple, a simple no fuss holiday without expensive gifts, food and bright lights.

So here some ideas for a inexpensive Christmas dinner.

Option 1

Pumpkin soup
Rice and peas
Stew chicken
Mac and cheese

Dessert: easy chocolate cheesecake

Non alcoholic apple cider

Option 2

Pumpkin and salt fish rice cookup

( ok I know what you are thinking, but I don’t worry about that)…you are thinking that’s not a holiday meal…. Oohh but you are wrong… Who said you had to have turkey and chicken and all the trimmings… Haven’t met me.

So back to option 2

Pumpkin and salt fish rice cookup
Stew chicken ( its easy)
Macaroni salad

Dessert: cranberry upside down cake

Option 3

Baked chicken
Baked Mac and cheese
Potato salad
French rolls

Dessert: chocolate cake

Champagne: Andre 4.99

No Christmas tree… No worries. You can buy some Christmas lights and hang them around your home… Very inexpensive ( no fuss).

You don’t have to buy into the norm, that at Christmas you have to spend a ton load of money. Who are you trying to impress?? You might succeed in making others believe that you have a disposable income, but come January when the bills are to be paid, what happens???

I am not judging, oh God no!  I have been there done that. I used to think, if I can get the next look everyone is wearing then I’m the ish since slice bread. However, after you hit rock bottom with nowhere else left to go, you begin to see the light.

You can look nice, without spending what you don’t have. You can eat a healthy meal everyday ( sure, can be a little expensive… but the benefits are worth it).

Anyway, without me rambling on and on about being frugal.  Just think about it… All that glitters is not gold and the bling bling of Christmas ( no longer having it true meaning), and new years have had their lights turned off… What do you end up with??

Credit card bills, school fees, car note, rent, loans, mortgages…god knows what else, we forfeited to have a fabulous Christmas.  Just Think about it, isnt it time to be frugal?

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