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Yeas ago I had bad acne, I mean I had it so bad that there was a new one every morning.  I am of fair complexion and I looked horrible. I tried everything and their momma portions, creams and pills. I used to hide my face in books on the buses and trains. I went to several dermatologist who gave me stuff that did nothing for me. However, after visiting the dermatologist, she told me she had the same problem and I’m looking at her skin and I rolled my eyes and thought really?, whatever ….. I left with about 3-5 prescription, and still no reason why… Anyhow this was my last attempt and then resign to going natural ( I was hesitant, because I wanted a quick fix) or living with the problem.

I headed to the pharmacy with my list in hand. U need up with a antibiotic, two gels and a lightener for the spots. I figure I would add a cleanser so I started using proactive, then I decided to do a chemical peel. The combination worked out well that, I didn’t notice until someone said wow, you face looks good.

Jumping forward, it’s not that clear anymore and I have age spots or brown pigmentation that I’m tired of seeing so instead of the abrasive and harsh treatment I used years ago, I am gong to try natural ingredients and see how that works. I will be doing the OCM and maybe for the spots some lemon juice treatment….check out my next posts for information on these methods.

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