Starting from scratch

About 4 years ago I decided to go natural, with my hair, skincare and food. I did really well with my hair and food…. However, I started a job with times not fit for any human and everything that I’ve learned and implemented well kinda well to hell.

So even though I am not one for new years resolution, I am going back to basics, dusting off my notes and formulas and recipes and starting all over again.

First up, getting back to  clarifying and deep conditioner my hair… I am yet to replace my hard bonnet hair dryer that died on me last summer ( poor thing was years old). Then I will change my protective styling from my usual buns ( yup, I am that lazy), back to my twist and braids. During my journey I hated sleeping on satin pillow cases and anything on my head. I will try this time to at least do one.

So my starting point is shoulder length ( I recently cut my waist length when stretched because of damaged ends obtained by one fateful straightening session at a Dominican hair salon. They straight up killed my hair.

I am going to trimmed the ends and then get started in the next couple of weeks. So when I actually get started I will let you know and you can ride with me… my skincare and food.

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