Thrifting???? There I said it

Hey Bellas,

Okay, I’ll be the first to tell you I am a bit of a snob. Not that I look down on anyone (nothing like that), but the thought of wearing something second hand has me gasping for air.

One of my projects for this year is to hit some of the stores if not all the thrift shops, goodwill, salvation army stores  (in NYC)  and buy at least one item. Yes me, miss clothing snob.

The hubs reads my blog and is also my harshest critic. He’s probably at this time having a mild aneurysm because I will be lugging him along (evil laugh)…

I will set out to prove that in this day and age… In light of poor salary, recession, no jobs that we can survive. No one is gonna give you a helping hand, you pretty much have to help yourself.

Resources are lacking and not at all comprehensive. I like details and not half azz information. I will research a topic to death until I am satisfied. I hope by bringing this info to you I can help someone.  Someone in need, someone who has very little and know where to start

So up first is

No Relation Vintage- located on 1st avenue between 12th and 13 th street… My first visit was in summer 2010 and I’m sorry I was not impressed to say the least.  The only thing that impressed me was the clothes were sorted and placed on hangers much like regular stores and categorize.

The stuff I saw was not even worthy of the homeless, and too expensive. Since I decided to hit all vintage, goodwill and such like stores, I decided to give one more go…. Uuuuum…. even worse than before. I spend all of 5-10 mins and only a handbag caught my eye and it was $30… What?  Seriously? I wondered if I could bargain the price down to $5 because thats what it was worth…. Nah I decided…. It wasn’t even worth it.

The staff was more interested in paying attention to their iPhones and the cool apps they found so fascinating ( who can blame them).  I left feeling that I wasted 10 mins of precious time, because I do most my research, shopping, window shopping right before work.

So back to my list of places to visit and I will let you know.  Stay fabulous and frugal bellas until next time.

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4 Responses to “Thrifting???? There I said it”

  1. Van says:

    Watch out though, once you start thrifting for clothes you might become addicted to the designer clothes for low prices. You may never go back to retail, you could become addicted.

    Fair warning!

    • sharon says:

      Thanks for the fair warning…while I have not yet scored anything designer-ish…..LOL. I am already hooked. Thanks for visiting

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