So I have already mention my hatred for online shopping, because I absolutely hate to pay S/H. Some people charge ridiculous amounts for S/H and its really not worth it. Anyway, in keeping with vintage, new and used clothing project from vintage stores, salvation army etc. I decided to hit eBay.

It’s just too cold to go outside and it was fun trying outbid other people. I have been an ebayer for 11 years, but that’s because I used to sell jewelry. Yes, me. I bought my jewelry from auctions and sell back at a reasonable price. However, due work load and school…. It kind of got sidetrack. Also with the birth of my son..( who knew the little bugger would be a handful… Lol)

Now I getting back, so armed with my eBay app on my phone, I was off. I scouted and scoured and bid and cursed because I lost a nice vest because I was busy cooking and not avidly watching my bid….LOL. Oh well!!! win some, lose some…(still seething)

I calculate that since I wasn’t leaving the house, that the money I would spend for gas or train fare, how far the actual store was from the train ( god knows I hate to walk in the cold). I put aside $60 to see what I could come up with.

Here is what I bought

Grey jacket $24.99 ( jacket price was $24.99 and s/h $8.99) since the seller gave us leverage to bargain… I took the liberty of asking for 1/2 off s/h… He accepted… Sweeeeet.

A lot of 3 jackets ( slightly used) $15 (s/h $9) so I bid and waited and swore if anyone outbid me… It’s on… Lol.  Since it was about 10 hrs to go I relaxed and waited. At the 1 hr mark I actively started watching to make sure I was on top of my game and at 1 sec it’s like time stood still, anyway I won… Whoop Whoop.. I got 3 denim jackets, ( blue, tan and brown)…total $24.

I had spent $48 on 4 jackets that was $12 a piece not bad…so with $6.51 left I was off again… Dang this was additive, so I had to watch myself… Lol.

With my $6.51 I scored yet another jacket ( I swear I wasn’t even paying attention and didn’t realize it was 4 jackets until this post)… I will probably get a side eyed look from hubby that says really??

I got a khaki jacket for $.99, yes i said $.99 in mint condition and s/h was $5.95… I spent a whopping $6.94… Can’t beat that.

Total cost $60.43, I went over my budget by 43 cents and I am not crying :-)   Overall the experience was good, I truly had forgotten about the thrills of shopping or selling on eBay.

Couple of things to note

If you are buying on a budget, make it just that.. A budget.  Set a $$$ amount, know what you are going after.

Be prepared to spend time scouring, bargaining, bidding. It can be fun and not taken to heart that you become frustrated… There are plenty of stuff to look at. There are also clothing sold in Lots, and that just means instead of one piece you might get two or more (ex.. a jeans and a shirt), for one price… isn’t it.

Read, read and read again any descriptions, price amount, shipping and handling, disclaimers…check out sellers stats and what other buyers say about them. Sometimes there will be a follow up from the seller. Use you discretion, email sellers about item, they welcome this as you want the experience to be mutually beneficial.

Ask question, yes I am reiterating my previous point. Do not sit and wonder… ask. Most transactions are completed and no returns unless otherwise stated.

You have to have a PayPal account ( linked to your bank account) and your address validated by eBay. It’s a simple process and may take 2 days to be completed but that depends on you answering your emails. PayPal is relatively safe and while after 11 years I have never had a problem with fraud, you cannot be too careful.

Purchase your items right away if you can, most people give 3 days. However prompt payment shows:
That You mean business

It takes about 2 days for payments to clear so please make sure you have money in your account, no one wants to hear ” sorry I thought I had money” or “it was there I swear”. You will be publicly humiliated, and banned… Okay not trying scare you, be on the up and up and you will be okay.

Upon receiving your items look for discrepancies, tears, holes, non functioning parts etc… as some sellers are unscrupulous. Take pictures if  you suspect fraud and submit to eBay, if fraud is suspected, the seller get reprimanded. Depending on the situation they may even be banned.

There is something on eBay for everyone, all you need is time and even if you have only $20 to burn.  If you are not adverse to wearing some slightly used clothing, most are new without tags then the budget chic to you  should be jumping for joy right about now.

So until my next frugal find, be safe and have a fabulous and frugal day.

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