I’m baaaaack

Hey there chicas, frugalistas and bellas,

I am back and  ready to throw down. I admit that I haven’t been putting the effort that I should have in this blog and the past posts that I have done. After this short hiatus which took me to the Island of Jamaica and after an emotional and enlightening couple of days……I”m baaack and ready.  So stay tuned.

See ya later.

Short Hiatus

Hi bellas,

I am taking a short hiatus from blogging to deal with a real life situation. MAGNET # 402 - GONE CRAZY. BE BACK SOON.

Black Friday

What is Black Friday? What is so good about Black Friday? It is touted as the biggest shopping day of the year with great prices never to be repeated….but is it???? Personally I think it’s a fluke, a waste of time and money, and in some instances loss of innocent lives and for what? A few measly dollars off an item that has become a white elephant, or a sore eye in an overstock store and they are trying hard to get rid off it.  Puhleeez!!!! 10%,20%,30% off an item is a dang joke. Give me a 50%-80% mark down and then we can deal.

So here is a tip on “Black Friday” or “Give me your money stupid consumers Friday”, do your homework. Be smart and not grabby. Exercise patience (even if you lose that sale, trust me you will see it again), do your homework, legwork, research, know what you are getting for the price you are paying.

I have never shopped on ‘Black Friday”…well no, thats not completely true. I have,  but that was because I worked at Macy’s during college and I was schedule for work that day and had the good fortune of being on the inside….hmmmm!!!! you say…well let’s just say that anything I didn’t say cannot be used against me in the court of law….. LOL!!

So here is a few reasons why I never shop on Black Friday.

  1. Laziness
  2. Not willing to stand in a minus 20 degree weather (or even 85 degree weather) to fight over an item that marked down $2.003. Long Lines…. NOT HAPPENING

4. People trying to wiggle their way in front me and act all oblivious  like I am invisible. This is one of my biggest pet peeve and will throw a hissy fit because your time is no more precious than mine.

5.   Hate screaming kids, and parents who let their kids run and scream at the top of their lungs….. as if they were let out for the first time from their cave ….errr home.

6.  Not interested in talking to anyone

Some things are worth waiting for and believe it or not, the prices goes even further south after Christmas, especially in January.  If it is something that you had your eye on and the prices seem reasonable and afforable by all means go for it, but if its not, then there is no harm in waiting…..again this is just my opinion. So whatever you do, do it tastefully. Please be  mindful and respectful  of other shoppers and have a Safe, Frugal and Blessed Black Friday!

Till we meet again!

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Frugal Monday

photo credit: Mandee

Hi Bellas,

Here is another store that you can purchase on the cheap…Mandee and they carry some cute outfits guaranteed not to break your pocket.  I will say though that some of the quality is not all that, BUT you can find great pieces here.  You also cannot beat FREE SHIPPING…. Read More…

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater


These days moms are strapped for time and a majority of us depend on Fast Food to take care of our cooking needs.  I am not here to judge because I know all too well how looking for the fast way out works. Read More…

These Shoes Were Made for Walking.

photo credit: Chinese Laundry

I scored these babies in black from my favorite layaway store “strawberry”.  I saw it on the Chinese Laundry website and loved it. Well two things deterred me from buying them: Read More…

Where there is a will there is a layaway.

Have you ever gone into a store and saw something that you really, really wanted? Yup, I can see all the  head nodding as you can relate. So there you were wishing there was a way to secure this item while rustling up the money to pay for it.  Okay… so let me take it back a few years…..Years ago after I left high school and started working, I was introduce to the concept of buying on credit.

Now the credit I am talking about is not on a plastic card, Read More…

You are the best baker Mommy!!!!

Sitting at home sick and in the front of the television is not really fun, as much as it may sound like it. My 3 yr old and I were home alone  and having laryngitis did not help, as he had many questions that needed immediate answers. I thought of a way to distract him and rest my poor throat. Read More…