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Yeas ago I had bad acne, I mean I had it so bad that there was a new one every morning.  I am of fair complexion and I looked horrible. I tried everything and their momma portions, creams and pills. I used to hide my face in books on the buses and trains. I went to several dermatologist who gave me stuff that did nothing for me. However, after visiting the dermatologist, she told me she had the same problem and I’m looking at her skin and I rolled my eyes and thought really?, whatever ….. I left with about 3-5 prescription, and still no reason why… Anyhow this was my last attempt and then resign to going natural ( I was hesitant, because I wanted a quick fix) or living with the problem.

I headed to the pharmacy with my list in hand. U need up with a antibiotic, two gels and a lightener for the spots. I figure I would add a cleanser so I started using proactive, then I decided to do a chemical peel. The combination worked out well that, I didn’t notice until someone said wow, you face looks good.

Jumping forward, it’s not that clear anymore and I have age spots or brown pigmentation that I’m tired of seeing so instead of the abrasive and harsh treatment I used years ago, I am gong to try natural ingredients and see how that works. I will be doing the OCM and maybe for the spots some lemon juice treatment….check out my next posts for information on these methods.

Starting from scratch

About 4 years ago I decided to go natural, with my hair, skincare and food. I did really well with my hair and food…. However, I started a job with times not fit for any human and everything that I’ve learned and implemented well kinda well to hell.

So even though I am not one for new years resolution, I am going back to basics, dusting off my notes and formulas and recipes and starting all over again.

First up, getting back to  clarifying and deep conditioner my hair… I am yet to replace my hard bonnet hair dryer that died on me last summer ( poor thing was years old). Then I will change my protective styling from my usual buns ( yup, I am that lazy), back to my twist and braids. During my journey I hated sleeping on satin pillow cases and anything on my head. I will try this time to at least do one.

So my starting point is shoulder length ( I recently cut my waist length when stretched because of damaged ends obtained by one fateful straightening session at a Dominican hair salon. They straight up killed my hair.

I am going to trimmed the ends and then get started in the next couple of weeks. So when I actually get started I will let you know and you can ride with me… my skincare and food.


So about 4 years ago had a little pudge that seem to inflate everytime I eat…. Ewwww. Hubs tried to convince me that I look good for my age and after one child. Yeah, okay not what my mirror says.  So I went on a detox for one month. I cut out coffee ( man, it was my one vice…not that it did anything for me, it just smell and taste good… Ahhhh!!!). Anyway, my detox of choice after extensive research was bentonite clay and pysllium husk. The one thing that appealed to me was it had no taste, it wasn’t a pill and best of all no cramping. One drink an hour before breakfast,and then breakfast was an organic natural yogurt, and a bowl of fruits. Wait about two hrs and have another drink and in another hour a clean, organic meal ( usually I have chicken as I don’t like meat), or turkey burger etc….. so it goes every two or so hour until a last shake before bed.

Like most people I wanted quick results but that isn’t how it works. I didn’t notice any change except for my poop ( which looked like the shape of my colon…. Uuuuum.. gross).

Excuse me while I get a little graphic ( I like details and always want to know what to expect.) The first 2 weeks my poop as normal, same stinky, round length or ball shape, I guess depending on what you ate.

Then after 3 weeks, the odd colon shape poop started to emerge, it was a different color and not stinky… As a matter of fact no smell detected… Hmmmm. By the 4 week people was commenting on how I lost weight, best part was I no longer had a pudge… It was gone….Yaay!!!

Sadly I let myself go, with work, odd hours, life.. Sheer laziness put me right back where I started. I work odd hours where sleeping and eating properly is a myth.  I was tempted with chocolates, cakes, unnatural and unhealthy foods.

I am taking back my health, and to get back on the path I know. So I cut my hair, lost some weight and I will now get back to my health.  I will be doing the green smoothie or raw food juicing.  By raw food I don’t mean eating raw meat, I mean fruits and veggies. I am going through my kitchen shelves one by one and replacing everything unnatural (because lord knows it cannot be done in one sweep.) You are welcome to tag along, ask questions, suggest alternatives.

My journey begins right now. Till next time bellas.

P.S. The cost of my colon cleanse was Yerba Prima Bentonite clay liquid (warning there are 2 types…one that can be ingested and the other you cannot) = $9.99 and 365 wholefood brand Psyllium husk= $5.99… Total $15.98

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and by no means a diet guru or professional. Please seek professional advice and/or do your own research to see what works best for you. This is not a cure all, its my own remedy for ME.

New years resolution

Every year we talk about a new years resolution, but how many of us keep up with it.  Maybe it’s losing weight, maybe it’s finding a new job, or how about spending more time with the family.

Reality is that we make plans but life takes over. Who knows what’s around the corner or what’s in store for us. Our lives can take a turn for the worse  at a moments notice or better yet find yourself in a situation where it keeps getting better and better with each passing day.

God has a plan for us all, whether you believe in him or not, life doesn’t just happen. No get rich quick scheme ever works, and he’s not about that.

I don’t make new years resolution but rather go with what the day has to offer.  Enjoy it to the fullest.  However don’t get me wrong, while it’s not a new years resolution, it’s a perspective of how you would like things in your life to change. The word resolute hence resolution has a finality to it and life has a way of making it difficult to be resolute in your plans.

I have adopted the motto ” just do it “albeit within reason( just don’t spend that money on a nice combat boots when you need to buy something for your child. )  Having said that however, there are people who has to live by a hard and fast plan…. then so be it.  Whatever it may be……. good luck!!!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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Merry Christmas One and All.

While there is much I would like to say, I have but very little to no time. I was busy cooking…Yes, from last night so that it wouldn’t become overwhelming on this day (I will share my menu later on).  I would like to lay back and relax and enjoy the holiday.  This year I did the cooking, and while only my mom will be coming for dinner…thats is good and okay.

I pay a special tribute to my dad that passed away a month ago and is sadden by the fact that I will never hear his voice again nor call to say Merry Christmas……However, he is in my heart. After a crushing end to 2010, I vow to spend more time reaching out, because you never know when it’s your turn.  So I start with my readers or browsers…thank you for stopping by, thank you for your comments and encouragment…..Enjoy your Holiday and be safe and warm.

Christmas Decoration Free Wallpaper

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L’Oreal Paris HiP Shocking Shadow Pigments Sale at CVS

L'Oreal Paris HiP Shocking Shadow PigmentsNow I am not sure about you, but I buy everything on sale except for food ( perishables on sale? Whoa, that should raise anyone’s eyebrow? more on that later).  I am not an avid makeup wearer, a little foundation here, an eyeliner there and lip gloss. Lipstick is a no no, as it makes me look horrid, so does a full faced makeup…..hence I stick to the basic.  However, once in a while I am compelled to add a little eyeshadow (depending on how I feel, and where I am going) and nothing dramatic.

So I went into CVS pharmacy, and really don’t remember why I went in there (I swear I have these moments when I have a brillant idea and two seconds later I am on to something else….maybe I have adult ADHD…LOL) so anyway, I happen to pass the cosmetic aisle that I really don’t visit and saw the sales girl putting up a 75% off sign on the L’oreal H.I.P Shocking Shadow Pigment sale at CVS. At $13.99 a pop, a quick calculation told me it had to be about $4.00 (hmmm, 4 bucks…I can do $4) so I grab a pink and headed to the cashier. So with the CVS card (and you can get one on the spot, no credit check), it came up to $3.80…..I saved a whopping $10.19. Can you beat that?????  Hop on over to CVS and check it out. That’s how frugal I can get…..See you soon.

Hot Links Cookup

It’s a cold day and you don’t feel like being in the kitchen all day.  Well here’s a simple yet tasty meal that doesn’t required that much time. All the ingredients are organic and healthy and beats buying hot dogs or McDonalds for your kids.  I call it my Hot Links Cookup but it’s really sausage and peppers.


1 Pk Applegate Sweet Italian chicken (mild) sliced into small discs

1 pk Aapplegate Andouille chicken and turkey sausage (spicy) sliced into small discs

Bell Pepper (Assorted colors), cut into strips

Onion (sliced )

salt and pepper to taste

olive oil

Cayenne Pepper (optional)


Heat  frying pan and pour olive oil ( I don’t cook with much oil, so this is done with your own judgement)

Saute onions and bell peppers until soft enough (you can leave this crunchy or very soft)

Add sausages and brown until soft or heated through (most of these sausages are already cooked ).

Sprinkle with Cayenne Pepper (to taste).

Served with Mac and cheese, White Rice, Mashed Paotates, or eaten alone……whatever it is that you fancy.

Easy Peasy……treat the kids today…Enjoy!

Hottest Toys for 2010

Are you stuck on deciding what to give the little ones for christmas? Are you trying to figure out what are the hottest toys for 2010? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of all the hottest toys and where to get them?Well, I came upon a very well laid out website that offers a comprehensive list of the hottest toys and also offers one  stop (or one click) shopping. I thought it was cool and little man thought the website was made for him as he “oohed and aahhed” everytime I scroll down. What’s eyecatching about this website is the that it stands out from the rest with its swivelling or turntable like toys (kind of like you are flipping thru a rotary phonelist). The pictures are big and striking and there are many to choose from (weeellll, the hottest ones). If you also clicked on “our store” in the menu area, there are more toys to choose from.

So enough from me…..LOL…What are you waiting for? I am going after my pillow pet (Yes, I am the biggest kid in my house) and the little one wants everything, but can you blame him?  This website make everything looks sooooooo good. Hmmmm, I wonder what daddy wants???…..LOL, maybe another pillow pet. Anyway off you go and enjoy!!

H&M Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with H&M. When they first  came to the United States in 2000 - on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York… I was in love. The way their clothes were color coordinated and everything was within easy access. The type of clothing was chic, not too much glitter and very simple (my taste), the prices were glorious. Then I am not sure what happened, I grew a disliking for them, their clothes…..I mean I really hated them and what they had to offer (now I know a lot of you would disagree with me, but it was just me).

Now I find myself loving them again. They have gotten more sophisticated in their presentation, choice of clothes and the prices are not bad at all. I missed some pieces this year, but you chicas know how it is, you cannot have it all. Family,  work, unexpected life changes and events there is never enough time. So a few quality pieces got away…..oh well… *sighs*.  Anyway for all the H&M fans here is a look at some of their spring/summer collection for 2011… Enjoy!!!!