H&M Lookbook for Spring/Summer 2011

I have a love/hate relationship with H&M. When they first  came to the United States in 2000 - on Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York… I was in love. The way their clothes were color coordinated and everything was within easy access. The type of clothing was chic, not too much glitter and very simple (my taste), the prices were glorious. Then I am not sure what happened, I grew a disliking for them, their clothes…..I mean I really hated them and what they had to offer (now I know a lot of you would disagree with me, but it was just me).

Now I find myself loving them again. They have gotten more sophisticated in their presentation, choice of clothes and the prices are not bad at all. I missed some pieces this year, but you chicas know how it is, you cannot have it all. Family,  work, unexpected life changes and events there is never enough time. So a few quality pieces got away…..oh well… *sighs*.  Anyway for all the H&M fans here is a look at some of their spring/summer collection for 2011… Enjoy!!!!

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