So about 4 years ago had a little pudge that seem to inflate everytime I eat…. Ewwww. Hubs tried to convince me that I look good for my age and after one child. Yeah, okay not what my mirror says.  So I went on a detox for one month. I cut out coffee ( man, it was my one vice…not that it did anything for me, it just smell and taste good… Ahhhh!!!). Anyway, my detox of choice after extensive research was bentonite clay and pysllium husk. The one thing that appealed to me was it had no taste, it wasn’t a pill and best of all no cramping. One drink an hour before breakfast,and then breakfast was an organic natural yogurt, and a bowl of fruits. Wait about two hrs and have another drink and in another hour a clean, organic meal ( usually I have chicken as I don’t like meat), or turkey burger etc….. so it goes every two or so hour until a last shake before bed.

Like most people I wanted quick results but that isn’t how it works. I didn’t notice any change except for my poop ( which looked like the shape of my colon…. Uuuuum.. gross).

Excuse me while I get a little graphic ( I like details and always want to know what to expect.) The first 2 weeks my poop as normal, same stinky, round length or ball shape, I guess depending on what you ate.

Then after 3 weeks, the odd colon shape poop started to emerge, it was a different color and not stinky… As a matter of fact no smell detected… Hmmmm. By the 4 week people was commenting on how I lost weight, best part was I no longer had a pudge… It was gone….Yaay!!!

Sadly I let myself go, with work, odd hours, life.. Sheer laziness put me right back where I started. I work odd hours where sleeping and eating properly is a myth.  I was tempted with chocolates, cakes, unnatural and unhealthy foods.

I am taking back my health, and to get back on the path I know. So I cut my hair, lost some weight and I will now get back to my health.  I will be doing the green smoothie or raw food juicing.  By raw food I don’t mean eating raw meat, I mean fruits and veggies. I am going through my kitchen shelves one by one and replacing everything unnatural (because lord knows it cannot be done in one sweep.) You are welcome to tag along, ask questions, suggest alternatives.

My journey begins right now. Till next time bellas.

P.S. The cost of my colon cleanse was Yerba Prima Bentonite clay liquid (warning there are 2 types…one that can be ingested and the other you cannot) = $9.99 and 365 wholefood brand Psyllium husk= $5.99… Total $15.98

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, and by no means a diet guru or professional. Please seek professional advice and/or do your own research to see what works best for you. This is not a cure all, its my own remedy for ME.

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