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Merry Christmas One and All.

While there is much I would like to say, I have but very little to no time. I was busy cooking…Yes, from last night so that it wouldn’t become overwhelming on this day (I will share my menu later on).  I would like to lay back and relax and enjoy the holiday.  This year I […]


Hottest Toys for 2010

Are you stuck on deciding what to give the little ones for christmas? Are you trying to figure out what are the hottest toys for 2010? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a list of all the hottest toys and where to get them?Well, I came upon a very well laid out website that offers […]


I’m baaaaack

Hey there chicas, frugalistas and bellas, I am back and  ready to throw down. I admit that I haven’t been putting the effort that I should have in this blog and the past posts that I have done. After this short hiatus which took me to the Island of Jamaica and after an emotional and enlightening […]


Short Hiatus

Hi bellas, I am taking a short hiatus from blogging to deal with a real life situation. 


Black Friday

What is Black Friday? What is so good about Black Friday? It is touted as the biggest shopping day of the year with great prices never to be repeated….but is it???? Personally I think it’s a fluke, a waste of time and money, and in some instances loss of innocent lives and for what? A few […]