Another fashion blog you say…Weeeeelll!! not really. I am no fashionista, stylista, makeup guru, chef or nutritionist. I do however have my own personal style and taste that I would love to share.

I am not into brand names and I don’t have a disposable income for expensive clothing. I am a frugalista if you will. Hell!! call me cheap…If it makes you feel better.  On the other hand I don’t indulge in cheap fast food and would rather spend the money to buy wholesome, and nutritious food for my family.

I am a bargain hunter, a recipe collector ( I love to cook), and an advocate of clean, natural, organic, non GMO living.

This blog is about looking good and eating healthy not just on a budget but the sensible and natural way.  Stop by when you get a moment ( I know, I know we are all busy)…To browse, read, dress, shop, eat, cook, lust, hang…you get the idea.

Disclaimer:  I am not, I repeat am not a fashion guru, makeup expert, chef nor nutritionist. Views expressed on this blog is my own and is not to be used as a cure all. This is not a one size fits all. Just because  I say it works for me, it will work for you.  Nothing in life is easy, it take some amount of work. This is only a guide from a working mom, who tries to keep her family looking good and eating healthy on a small amount of cash.

My values, my views, my opinions.

See you soon


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