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Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

These days moms are strapped for time and a majority of us depend on Fast Food to take care of our cooking needs.  I am not here to judge because I know all too well how looking for the fast way out works.


These Shoes Were Made for Walking.

photo credit: Chinese Laundry I scored these babies in black from my favorite layaway store “strawberry”.  I saw it on the Chinese Laundry website and loved it. Well two things deterred me from buying them:


Where there is a will there is a layaway.

Have you ever gone into a store and saw something that you really, really wanted? Yup, I can see all the  head nodding as you can relate. So there you were wishing there was a way to secure this item while rustling up the money to pay for it.  Okay… so let me take it back […]


You are the best baker Mommy!!!!

Sitting at home sick and in the front of the television is not really fun, as much as it may sound like it. My 3 yr old and I were home alone  and having laryngitis did not help, as he had many questions that needed immediate answers. I thought of a way to distract him and rest […]